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XBK Explosion-proof Control Panel

XBK series explosion-proof control panel is mainly applicable to the explosive environment in Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous places area, for IIB class T6 temperature group and the following places, as controller in AC 50Hz, rated voltage to 380V, rated current to 630A circuit.

  • Working conditions

  • Model Description

  • Technical parameters

1. The altitude of the installation does not exceed 2000m;.

2. The ambient air temperature ranges from -20℃ to +40℃, with a 24-hour average temperature not exceeding +35℃;

3. The maximum installation temperature is +40℃, with the air's relative humidity not exceeding 50%. At lower temperatures, a higher relative humidity may be permissible;

4. In a place without violent vibration, shock and shaking;

5. In class II places containing explosive gas environment;

6. Pollution level 3;

7. In places where there are no corrosive gases or vapors that destroy metals and insulation;

8. In places where it can be protected from rain, snow and dripping water erosion;

9. Installation category: Class II, Class III.

XBK Explosion-proof Control Panel

 ModelRated voltage(V)Rated current(A)Protection   gradeAnti-corrosion   gradeEx-proof mark
XBK-B2D2  AC380VAC220V 10A IP54 WF1 ExdⅡBT6