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Large Flow Submersible Pump
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Large Flow Submersible Pump

BQS/WQB large-flow sewage desilting submersible electric pumps are designed with wide-channel impellers and volute structures, making them well-suited for transporting liquids containing solid particles, fibers, or sludge. 

The flow range of these pumps spans from 10 to 1500 m³/h, with a head range of 7 to 80 m.

  • Main application

  • Internal structure

The motor's outer cooling water jacket facilitates efficient cooling, allowing the pump to operate continuously at a minimum liquid level down to the top of the inlet filter.

Impellers and volutes are constructed from materials such as cast iron, stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, and high-chromium wear-resistant materials, chosen based on the specific media conditions.

Applications for these pumps are diverse and include mining, underground corridors, petrochemicals, residential areas, sewage treatment plants, municipal engineering, and construction.

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