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Smart Pump

BQS series IoT pump

A new generation of digital, information intelligent products.

The mobile terminal of Cloud SCADA supports remote monitoring and management of devices through APP, WeChat applet and WeChat official account 

Main modules: screen monitoring, real-time data monitoring, fault alarm, and account management

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  • Main application

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What does Cloud SCADA do?

1.Adopt integrated modular design

2.Intelligent digitization

3.Cloud SCADA ecological intelligence

4.Remote device diagnostics


6.Permission Management

7.Third party data connection

It is suitable for normal production drainage and disaster relief drainage in underground coal mine tunnels and mining working faces; it can also be used for drainage in Coal Handing and Preparation Plant, tunneling projects, water conservancy projects and other places. It is suitable for discharging sewage containing solid particles such as suspended coal dust, rock chips, coal particles, sand, gravel and silt.

(1)Rated voltage: 380V/660V or 660/1140V( Allowable Deviation ±5% )

(2)Rated frequency: 50Hz

(3)Submergence depth: ≤5m

(4)Medium temperature: ≤40°C

(5)Environmental temperature: 0-40℃

(6)Medium PH: 4-10

(7)Sediment solids content weight ratio: ≤20%

(8)Soilds passage: Not more than 50% of the minimum size of the flow section of

the pump passage

(9)Medium density: ≤1100Kg/m