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WQB Series Explosion-Proof Submersible Sewage Pump

WQB series explosion-proof submersible pump is mainly application for petrochemical industry, municipal engineering, underground pipe gallery project, tunnel engineering, urban engineering, hospitals, hotels, residential areas and other places.

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WQB Series Explosion-Proof Submersible Sewage PumpWQB series--external mounted Type

WQB series--external mounted Type

The externally mounted electric pump is characterized by a water outlet positioned at the bottom of the pump, allowing direct discharge from the pump body. Typically, this type of pump is designed for applications where the power does not exceed 22kw, making it a small-scale, single-stage, single-suction pump. Its key attributes include a simple yet robust structure, portability, and high discharge capacity. This pump is well-suited for use in environments where water may contain coal slurry, gravel, or other impurities.

WQB Series Explosion-Proof Submersible Sewage PumpWQH series--Built-in Type

WQH series--Built-in Type

The WQH series is for high-head submersible pumps, which is within the WQB series. WQH high-lift submersible pump is suitable for the pumping and dredging of sewage and sludge in various harsh environments. The electric pump is of the submersible type, capable of pumping surface water dry in the working area. It can work underwater for extended periods or operate above the water surface.

This series of products features large flow, high lift, light weight, and convenient mobility.The integrated electric pump features a vertical, downward-type structure with a built-in motor design. The motor housing incorporates an interlayer that serves a crucial role. During water drainage, the liquid flows from the interlayer and exits from the top, providing effective cooling for the motor. Importantly, even in the absence of water, the interlayer outside the motor continues to contain water, ensuring ongoing motor cooling to prevent overheating and potential damage.

WQB Series Explosion-Proof Submersible Sewage Pump

WQB series--Semi Built-in Type

WQB series--Semi Built-in Type

Semi built-in pumps combine advantages of both external and built-in structures,which is portable.It has a cooling tube and cooling jacket,which guarantees there is no motor cooling problem even when the motor lack of water.

1.Meeting the requirements of explosion-proof in accordance with the product flame -proof mark

2.Supply power: 380v/660v,660v/1140v, 3 phase, 50Hz,can be customized. 

3.Medium temperature: 0-40℃ (there will be other hot water pump model above this temperature range)

4.Medium PH value: 5-9

5.Medium density: ≤1100kg/m³

6.Maximum depth: 20m

WQB Series Explosion-Proof Submersible Sewage Pump

WQB Series Explosion-Proof Submersible Sewage PumpWQB Series Explosion-Proof Submersible Sewage Pump

WQB Series Explosion-Proof Submersible Sewage Pump

Customized design is available to meet customers' demands according to user's special environment requirements.