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How to choose a pump
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How to choose a pump

How to choose a correct pump for your application?It is important to know how to choose not only the correct pump style, but also the correct size pump for your specific application.

If you feel an electric submersible pump is the correct pump style for your application, we should move on to the first step, to verify the use environment. What is being pumped? A standard DEWATERING pump is designed to pump clean water. These pumps typically have a top discharge with a flow-thru design that allows the water to cool the motor and allow for continuous operation at low water levels. A TRASH pump, however, will have a side discharge and is designed to pump sand, solids, and debris with minimal wear and clogging. DRAINAGE pumps are designed to pump clean water down to ground level for complete drainage of flat surfaces. So, it is important to know:

Is the water clean or will solids be present?

What is the maximum size of solids that need to be pumped?

What is the PH of the liquid medium?Is it corrosive?

How low do I need to pump down to?

Then we can move on to the second step, to confirm the pump performance parameters.

Submersible water pumps are designed to operate in a specific operating range of how much capacity they will pump while overcoming the total dynamic head pressure (TDH) of the discharge system. If a pump is put into a system that it is improperly sized for, you can end up with no flow, or the pump will run unbalanced and cause premature failure.

The flow is the amount of fluid delivered by the pump in one unit time; the head is the energy increment when one unit weight of fluid is pumped from the inlet to the outlet. Must know when choosing the head:

1. Net head-the vertical water level (m);

2. H(required) = H(net) + H(loss);

3. H(loss) - the energy loss when the fluid flow through parts like the pipe, valve and elbow, etc.

How to choose a pump

So it's important to know:

What is the total distance from pump to where the water is being discharged?

What is total vertical height the pump is required to lift the water?

Is there existing piping the pump will connect to? If so, what size is it?


Do I need the pumps to start/stop automatically based on water level?

Power Requirements

Is the proper voltage available to run the pump?

Do I have a circuit available that can handle the amperage that this pump will draw?