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QYF Series Pneumatic Desilting Pump

QYF series mining pneumatic sewage pump is especially useful for fields like mine drainage of coal mud,and river dredging etc.

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  • Technical parameters

1.Inlet of the suction pipe submerges into the water. 

2.Medium temperature should not be over 40℃. 

3.Working environment temperature 5-40℃. 

4.Medium PH 4-10. 

5.The maximum diameter of solid particle should not be over 20mm. 

6.Air pressure 0. 40MPa-0.70MPa.

QYF Series Pneumatic Desilting Pump

1. Robust desilting capacity enables the pump to handle flow materials with high solid contents effectively.

2. Pneumatic operation with no electronic components ensures safety and reliability.

3. Compact structure and ingenious design facilitate automatic operation.

4. With no contact between moving parts and the medium, the pump exhibits wear-resistance, stable operation, and a long service life.

5. Resilient to damage during both no-load and overload conditions, the pump requires easy maintenance.

6. Its small size, light weight, portability, easy operation, and versatile application make it a convenient and efficient choice.

QYF Series Pneumatic Desilting Pump

Customized design is available to meet customers’ demands according to user’s special environment requirements